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Effective Measures to Reduce Gear Transmission Noise

With the rapid development of the modernization of the machinery industry, in some areas, higher and higher requirements have been placed on the noise indicators of gear transmissions. After years of ...

Strict Environmental Regulations in China

These days, Chinese government issued strict environmental regulation. Many forging and casting factories are shut down because of pollution. Under such circumstance, We are upgrad...

What principles should be applied when do casting?

1 The better choice is to use sand casting. The main reason is that sand casting has lower cost, simpler production process and shorter production cycle than other casting methods. When the wet t...

New Product - Roll forging

We are professional in producing roll forging with good technology. This part is well used in power transmission of your machinery. Hope your machinery engine power be more effective.


Now, Our Spinning pulley production technology are very skillful which cost will be lower and quality will up in a higher level. We have professional equipments for manufacturing non-standard shape discs parts, pulleys etc. The V-groove of pulleys is extruded with steel plates, pulleys produced with this technology are more durable and no broken. It is well-used in the field of gardening and agricultural machinery, etc.

The seventh round strict air pollution inspection completed

Due to the strict air pollution inspection,​ raw material cost are increasing crazy these days. The situation is getting worse. For more details pls refere to the follwing links:

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