Once we take your sample, sketch, or full complete drawings and specifications, we could produce the right products fully meet your individual requirement according to our controlled processing.
In order to maintain accurancy and quality control assurance, the factories of NEWERA have their advanced inspection equipments. We verify that all products leaving NEWERA meet their prescribed specifications.

We also have a well-equipped laboratory for mechanical and metallographic testing.
We conduct tensile, impact, hardness and dynamic load testing. We also have metallographic equipment capable of performing microstructure analysis, plating thickness, nodularity, heat treat patterns, case depth and microhardness testing.

CNC Lathes

3-Coordinate Measuring Machine

CNC Wire-cutting Machines

CNC Gear Milling Machines

CNC Gear Milling Machines

Small Modulus Bevel Gear Milling Machines

Heat Treatment Equipment

Gear Hobbing Machines


Horizontal Machining Center

Electrolic Worm Grinder
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