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What Factors Should be Considered When Choosing Gear Transmission?

release time:2019-01-16

When the output speed of the power machine, the torque and the geometric position of the output shaft are not compatible with requirements of working machine, they can be connected by gears to meet different requirements of different working conditions. Comprehensive technical and economic indicators are the most fundamental factors in selecting a gear transmission scheme, especially for important or high-power transmissions. Generally, for smaller power transmission, the transmission device with simple structure and low initial cost should be selected on the premise of satisfying working performance. For the transmission with larger power, efficiency of gear transmission should be given priority to save energy and reduce operation and maintenance cost. In addition, the selection of the gear transmission must be compatible with design and manufacturing technology.

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When choosing a gear transmission type, the following factors should be considered:

1. The requirements of the working machinery on the structure and parameters of the transmission, such as size, installation position, power, torque, speed, efficiency, etc.

2. Performance requirements of the working machine, such as transmission accuracy, vibration, noise, load characteristics, and operational reliability.

3. Rationality, advancement, economy and versatility of the transmission.

4.Manufacturing equipment conditions, production levels and required production batches.

5.Refer to the use and selection experience of existing or similar machinery.

Generally, for a general low-speed gear device without special requirements, an involute spur gear transmission with a parallel shaft structure is a common case. Because this transmission type is easy to manufacture. The cost is lower. For high-power (or high-torque) low-speed heavy-duty gear transmission units, parallel shaft involute gears or arc gears with medium or higher gear accuracy are available. For high-speed heavy-duty transmissions, high-precision helical is a good choice.

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