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Characteristics and Classification of Worm Drive

release time:2019-09-09

A worm drive is a gear arrangement in which a worm gear meshes with a worm shaft. One of the major advantages of worm gear drive units are that they can transfer motion in 90 degrees.

The direction of the helix may be right-handed or left-handed, but the direction of the skein of the worm shaft and the worm gear must remain the same (see Figure 1-1), which is traditionally more right-handed.

worm gear and worm shaft


1. The transmission is stable, low vibration, low shock and low noise.

2. It can obtain a large transmission ratio with a single-stage transmission. It has a compact structure.

3. The meshing friction loss is large. Because the transmission efficiency is lower than the gear transmission, and it’s easy to cause high temperature. The worm gear is also easily to wear.

According to shape of the worm indexing surface, the worm shaft can be divided into three categories: cylindrical worm shaft, toroidal worm shaft and cone worm shaft (see Figure 1-2).

worm gear and worm shaft

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