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Spline Shaft

Spline shaft is a kind of mechanical transmission, whose function is the same with flat key, semi-circle key and the oblique key, to transfer mechanical torque. The outer surface of the...

3 Ways to Improve Machining Surface Quality

For most case, surface quality is very important for mechanical components. The correct processing methods are mainly including: 1. Choose correct cutting methodIn proces...

Cold Extrusion Introduction

Cold extrusion forming refers to the shape and size of the formed parts to reach or near the finished parts. It is a new technology developed on the basis of traditional metal processing. In recent ye...

Factors Which Affect Quality of Casting Parts

The quality of casting parts is very important. And there are many factors that influence the quality of casting parts, such as design process, casting process, the quality of raw materials and techno...

Six Ways to Improve Machining Accuracy

Machining accuracy and machining tolerance are terms used to evaluate the geometric parameters of the machined surface. However, the actual parameters obtained by any processing method are not absolut...

Gear Drive VS Worm Gear and Worm Shaft Drive Gearbox

Gear drive gearbox features:1. The gear is made of high-strength low-carbon alloy steel by carburizing and quenching. The hardness of the tooth surface is up to HRC58-62. The gears are all CNC gr...

Reasons for Deformation During Machining

In the cutting process, the workpiece will has the direction of the elastic deformation because of cutting force, which is often appear in the cutter relieving phenomenon. For this...

Common Machining Steel Material and Characteristics

During processing the workpiece, the choice of metal materials often has an effect on the results of finished products. Therefore, it is necessary to understand some common metal m...

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