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Factors Which Affect Quality of Casting Parts

release time:2018-07-24

The quality of casting parts is very important. And there are many factors that influence the quality of casting parts, such as design process, casting process, 

casting parts

the quality of raw materials and technological operation.

1. Design of casting parts 

During the design process, in addition to determine the shape and size of casting parts based on the working conditions and the property of metal materials, we should also consider the rationality from the perspective of casting alloy and characteristics of iron castings. It obviously has an effect on solidification, shrinkage, stress and other issues. In order to avoid or reduce the casting composition segregation, deformation, cracks, we should consider the design of casting parts.

2. Reasonable casting process

The reasonable casting process is also an important factor. That is to say, according to the casting structure, weight and size, characteristics of casting alloy and working conditions, we should choose a suitable casting method to design casting bars, iron chill, and riser and gating systems.

3. Quality of raw materials

The third factor is the quality of raw materials used in metal casting parts. The better and more suitable material we use, the better casting parts will perform. If the raw material is not qualified, casting defects will appear. It will affect the appearance and internal quality of castings, even cause casting scrap.

metal casting 4. Technological operation

The fourth factor is the technological operation. A reasonable operation process should be made to enhance the technical level of workers, and make sure the engineering procedure to be implemented correctly.

In order to control the quality of iron castings, the inspection is very necessary and important. 

First, we should formulate control and inspection codes and engineering factors about the raw materials, auxiliary materials even each specific product process. Each process is strictly controlled and inspected according to inspection codes and technical conditions. 

Then, we should inspect the finished castings. About the presentation quality of castings, we can use comparison specimens to judge surface roughness. About the internal quality, we can use x ray and y ray and other methods to test and judge.


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