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Cold Extrusion Introduction

release time:2018-07-30

cold extrusion partsCold extrusion forming refers to the shape and size of the formed parts to reach or near the finished parts. It is a new technology developed on the basis of traditional metal processing. In recent years, the cold extrusion technology is one of the new technology in all walks of life to get rapid development. At present, it plays an important role in automobile, electronic communication, light industry, construction, aerospace, military industry, daily hardware and other manufacturing industries. It has following advantages:

1. Significantly reduce the consumption of raw materials

Cold extrusion method is a kind of metal plastic forming process. It avoid a large amount of metal waste, which greatly reduces the raw materials of steel and non-ferrous metals.

2.Improve labor productivity

Cold extrusion parts are on the pressure machine, easy to operate and master. For example, the pure iron base material is soft and its cutting performance is poor. If we apply cold extrusion technology, it not only saves the raw materials, but also increases the productivity.

3. Parts with complex shapes

4. Improve the mechanical properties of the parts

In the process of cold extrusion, the metal material is under the action of three different pressures. After extruding deformation, the structure of the metal material is more compact. At the same time, the cold extrusion makes use of the cold-deformation of metal materials to improve the strength of cold extrusion, thus providing the possibility of replacing the high strength steel with low strength steel.

5. Parts with high dimensional accuracy and smaller surface roughness

The surface quality of the parts with cold extrusion is very good. In the process of cold extrusion, surface roughness of the part is small and the surface strength is greatly improved. It can be seen that some parts can be processed by cold extrusion process, and some parts can be left for less processing allowance, or even leave no processing allowance to meet the technical requirements of the product design.

6. Reduce the process and shorten the production lead time

7. Reduce equipment investment

Compared with the die forging process, the cutting edge die and cutting edge press can be eliminated because the cold extrusion does not produce the flying side, so the investment of the equipment is obviously reduced.

8. Reduce the production cost of parts

Because cold extrusion can save raw materials and metal machining hours, it is necessary to reduce the manufacturing cost of parts.


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